8  Extraordinary Vessels

In addition to the 12 regular meridians, Qi also flows within the 8 Extraordinary Vessels. These Vessels are said to act as "reservoirs" for Qi. Using the 8 Extraordinary Vessels opens up a whole new level of possibility for your hands-on practice.

This three class mini-series explores each of the 8 Extraordinary Vessels in detail. You will learn the pathway, uses, and Master Points of each Vessel:

  1. Du (Governing Vessel)
  2. Ren (Conception Vessel)
  3. Yang Qiao (Yang Heel Vessel)
  4. Yin Qiao (Yin Heel Vessel)
  5. Yang Wei (Yang Linking Vessel)
  6. Yin Wei (Yin Linking Vessel)
  7. Dai (Belt Vessel)
  8. Chong (Penetrating Vessel)
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Go Deeper

Learn the relationship between the 8 Extraordinary Vessels and the 12 regular meridians in order to bring the benefits of these Qi reservoirs to your clients. Once you know these Vessels and their Master Point combinations, you will be able to bring balance, flow, and transformation to your clients.

Upon registration you will be able to:

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Upon completion of the mini-series you will know:

  • The pathway of each Extraordinary Vessel
  • Key acupoints on the Vessels
  • Master Point combinations used to activate the Vessels
  • When, why, and how to integrate the Vessels into your hands-on work

Cindy Black, Founder, L.Ac., LMT