Honoring Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang combine to create all beings Yin and Yang are interrelated, dependent upon one another, emerging and dissolving into one another. Yin and Yang are in a constant dance of definition and communion. Yin is quiet, stillness, being, and nighttime; while Yang is loud, moving, doing, and daytime.  Yin and Yang Extremes At…

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Yin and Yang are two sides of the same coin

Yin and Yang of Self-awareness

Yin and Yang are two sides of the same coin Together, Yin and Yang create a “whole.” For example, a complete calendar “day” is actually 24 hours, which is made of daytime and nighttime. Our “day” would not be complete without the night and vice versa. The combination of day and night creates one whole calendar…

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Man on a tight rope

Connecting Water and Fire

When Yin and Yang are balanced, all is well. The two fundamental forces of Yin and Yang are reflected in the elements of Water (Yin) and Fire (Yang). Water and Fire are two of the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine. Every Element is associated with a pair of organs, one Yin and the other Yang.…

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Lotus candle

Yang emerging

It’s almost the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere. Winter Solstice marks many things. One is that this will be the shortest day and longest night of our year. We are coming to a tipping point, where out of the watery, dark depths of Yin, Yang begins to emerge.   At the extreme, Yin becomes…

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Yin and Yang: The Cooling Cycle

Yin and Yang are always relating to each other During extremes it can be challenging to stay aware that this moment is part of a larger cycle of balance.  Yin and Yang arise as cold (Yin) and hot(Yang).  As the cold, dry winds of winter push into us, it is hard to remember the humid heat…

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Nourishing Yin

Yin is the “stuff” that fuels Yang. No matter how pretty your car is, it won’t run if the gas tank is empty. Yang energy is busy, active, bright, flashy, external, extroverted, etc. The basis of Yang Qi is Yin. A gift of understanding this is knowing that by restoring our Yin we keep our…

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Beautiful sunse

Sunrise, Sunset

What happens when I die? What is death? First, describe life. Imagine describing life to one who is dead? Life is an experience that words cannot accurately describe. But still you know life. You become life, live a life, and experience life every day even though life itself can hardly be described. Death – to…

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Yin is In!

It’s Winter, the time of full Yin. Compared to the light, heat, expansion, and Yang activity of Summer, Winter is quiet, dark, cool, and concentrated–Yin. You may have noticed a desire to go to sleep sooner, and wake up later as Winter has settled in. This is your body responding to Nature’s call to rest…

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