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Spleen Qi Deficiency – what is it?

Spleen Qi Deficiency – OMG! I am often asked what to do about Spleen Qi deficiency. It is a common diagnosis by Acupuncturists and Chinese medical Herbalists. Like any diagnosis, being told that you have a Spleen Qi Deficiency can leave you feeling concerned and confused. Take a deep breath, and let’s investigate… The Spleen in Chinese…

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Nourish your Spleen – eat soup!

Long cooked soup benefits the Spleen Classical Chinese medicine (CCM) classifies the Spleen as an organ of digestion. There is a huge difference in perspective between Classical Chinese medicine and modern medicine. Because of this difference, we capitalize the organ when referring to it from the CCM perspective, and use lower case when referring to any organ from the…

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One simple tip to improve digestion

Pause before you eat. Digestion takes energy. When our energy is scattered, it is difficult to accomplish any task. Digestion is no different. The Spleen is the center of energy that drives digestion from the Chinese medical perspective. The Spleen appreciates a little peace and quiet in order to properly manage digestion. One very simple technique to…

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spleen energy

How Spleen Energy Supports Learning

Digesting new ideas is just like digesting a new meal. Let’s talk about how the spleen’s energy supports learning. First, we cut it up into bite-sized chunks, then we chew for a while and then we swallow. What happens after we swallow our food is a bit of mystery, yet we trust the process. Learning…

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Spleen Meridian

Since menstruation and fertility are dependent upon the vitality and abundance of Blood, the Spleen plays a major role in women’s health from the Chinese Medical perspective. The Spleen pulls nutrients from food during digestion and helps to produce Blood.

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Stomach Meridian

On various occasions, just by massaging the Stomach meridian on the leg and pressure to ST 36 I’ve seen digestive issues such as cramping, bloating, and constipation be relieved.

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Toe Acupoints

Acupoints on the Toes

Acupressure points on the feet Treat all six leg meridians quickly with these toe acupoints! All of the meridians on the leg have either begin or end on the toes (except for the Kidney located on the sole of the foot). Regardless of the type of massage you are practicing, integrating meridian massage is simple!  By applying…

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Late Summer is the time of the Earth Element. Earth is literally our home, our Mother, our ground, the place we live. Our muscles are the Earth of our bodies. Muscles give us substance, our shape and form. Imagine a body without muscles – not much is left!   To receive nourishment, we must eat.…

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Season of Earth

Earth Element of Chinese Medicine Moving toward September, we come to the season of late summer – associated with the Earth element in Chinese Medicine. In the fullness of high summer, the Fire element gives way to Earth. The fields are turning gold, the farmers’ markets are over flowing with produce, and gardeners give away zucchinis…

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We Are How We Eat

In Chinese Medicine, the function of digestion is part of the overall function of the Earth element. The organs associated with the Earth element are the spleen and stomach. I am going to narrow the focus down to just the spleen. The Spleen in Chinese Medicine The spleen governs digestion, of both food and thought. Digesting…

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