Gallbladder 21 on the shoulder

The wonders of Gallbladder 21

Relieve head, neck, and shoulder pain Gallbladder 21 does it all! The area between the neck and shoulders is a common place for muscle tension and pain. This is right where the upper trapezius muscle and Gallbladder 21 are located. If you’ve ever had a massage, then I am sure you’ve enjoyed having this area…

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Acupoints that relieve shoulder pain

Shoulder pain – Acupressure points can help!

Shoulder pain is a challenge! I never realized how much I relied on my shoulders until I experienced limiting shoulder pain. Every little action with my hands created pain in my shoulder. There are many causes of shoulder pain. Fortunately, there are many acupressure points for relieving shoulder pain. Let me introduce you to two acupoints…

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What is there to gain from pain? Part 2

“This pain is a gateway.” I wrote that in October 2013. At the time, I was suffering from severe shoulder and neck pain that restricted my ability to use my right arm. The pain kept me up at night as I struggled to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Fear and anxiety crept up…

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Use the Small Intestine Meridian to Relieve Shoulder Pain

The Small Intestine meridian is often used to relieve shoulder pain. “The Small Intestine receives the food that has been digested by the Spleen and Stomach and further extracts, absorbs, and distributes it throughout the body, all the while separating the pure from the turbid.” – Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine The Small Intestine meridian…

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Points for Shoulder and Neck Pain Relief

Add these points to any massage to help relieve neck and shoulder pain or tension. A quick review of points to relieve neck and shoulder pain:    

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What is there to gain from pain?

Pain is not a necessary ingredient to growth. But we can gain from the pain we find ourselves in.   How? By paying attention to our reactions. An example: Last year I felt a familiar twinge in my shoulder as I worked.  I ignored it. Another twinge and I react with anger at the weakness…

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