Gallbladder 21 on the shoulder

The wonders of Gallbladder 21

Relieve head, neck, and shoulder pain Gallbladder 21 does it all! The area between the neck and shoulders is a common place for muscle tension and pain. This is right where the upper trapezius muscle and Gallbladder 21 are located. If you’ve ever had a massage, then I am sure you’ve enjoyed having this area…

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Neck Pain

How to Relieve Neck Pain using Meridian Massage

Neck pain acupoints There are many causes of neck pain. Fortunately, there are some great acupoints that you can try using to relieve the pain. Below are my “go to acupressure points” that I use for relieving neck pain. Gallbladder 20 Gallbladder 21* Bladder 10 Bladder 31, 32, 33, 34*     Meridian Massage approach…

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Bladder points to relieve back pain

4 Acupressure Points to Relieve Back Pain

Bladder points on the sacrum help relieve back pain. The Bladder meridian runs down both sides of the back. Because of its location, points on the Bladder meridian are always used to relieve back pain. Acupressure points on the sacrum are great for relieving back pain! I get great results using these four Bladder acupoints…

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Points for Shoulder and Neck Pain Relief

Add these points to any massage to help relieve neck and shoulder pain or tension. A quick review of points to relieve neck and shoulder pain:    

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How to prevent neck pain while working on a computer

As a result of excess computer use, neck pain has become a real problem for many of us these days. It’s obvious that bodies are not meant to be sitting at a desk all day – duh! Everyone needs a little help with the obvious now and then! I got one of the best tips ever…

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Man with Neck Pain

Cell Salts for Muscle Spasm

Tweak your neck lately? I did. It gave me the opportunity to try out a cell salt combination for muscle pain. I have used this simple formula a few times for myself and friends – and it works more often than not. In a small glass of warm water mix 10 tablets of Mag Phos…

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