Intention is the #1 massage tool

Meridian Massage Tool Box

#1 Massage Tool: Intention Working hard creates tension. Tension blocks the flow of Qi (energy). If you’ve been working hard at massage, you might be feeling pain in your hands, wrists, shoulders, neck, or back. Pain in your body might lead you to reach for a massage tool. We seek something to implement that will…

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Massage is medicine

Massage Therapists offer healing every day. As Massage¬†Therapists, we have to be thoughtful when we say what we actually do. We are not supposed to say that we diagnose or treat any conditions. The current medical system states that massage therapy barely does anything at all, except maybe help a person relax a little. Medicine,…

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Experience Based Medicine

Our experience counts. Countless practitioners have passed on their experiential wisdom to the next generation, one person at a time; what herb to use for which situation, how to identify that plant, how to prepare, store and correctly use it; which meridian, which point, what technique applied to the point will resolve a given syndrome.…

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MMI Approved by NY Board of Massage Therapy!

Beginning in 2012 NY Massage Therapists must complete 36 hours of continuing education every three years. Meridian Massage Institute is proud to be one of the first approved sponsors in New York! Cindy Black, L.Ac., founder of Meridian Massage Institute has been studying, practicing, and teaching Massage Therapy and Chinese Medicine for 20 years. Her…

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How To Touch?

I am still learning the answer to the seemingly simple question of how to touch another person. Massage Therapy is practiced in an infinite number of ways by people all over the world. I always imagine that our instinct to reach out with our hands to another who is hurting, is proof that we are…

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Coming Home to Massage Therapy

Life is what’s happening while you’re trying to figure out your life…or something like that.     After 15 years of teaching and practicing massage therapy, I went to Acupuncture school. It’s seven years later. I have my Acupuncture license in two states and a couple Diplomates from NCCAOM (National Big Shot Organization for Acupuncture).…

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