Supporting the Lungs with Meridian Massage

Lungs Lungs are the “Tender Organ”

The Lungs are vulnerable to fluctuations in temperature, air quality, and airborne pathogens. Because they are so vulnerable to outside conditions, the Lungs are said to be the most tender Organ in Chinese medicine.


Lungs are the Yin Organ pair to the Large Intestine

The Yang partner of the Lungs is the Large Intestine.
It is important to understand this pairing in order to know how to use Meridian Massage and acupressure points to relieve respiratory ailments and support the health of the Lungs. In general, use the points on the Yang meridians to clear out pathogens and relieve symptoms associated with the partnered Yin Organ.

Lungs and Large Intestine Yin and Yang Pair

In practice, this means we use acupoints on the Large Intestine meridian to relieve stuffy nose, coughs, phlegm, and fever associated with respiratory infections. After these symptoms resolve, we use points on the Lung meridian to nourish the Lungs in order to prevent future infections.

How to relieve symptoms and care for your Lungs:

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    thinking of you both.
    may you both be safe.
    may you beable to serve those you hold dear.
    may you both be safe.
    thank you for all your valuable information.

    • Cindy Black

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      Thank you dear Margot. May we all be safe and offer our best to others, just as you are now.

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    Very usefull information! I really appreciate the stuff you put on that page! I am really interested in new massage techniques. Is it possible to support this site?

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    How do I take this long case to help my asthma

    • Cindy Black

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      Hi Renee,

      I would consult with a local Acupuncture or Meridian Massage practitioner in order to get the best support.

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