What is Meridian Massage?

Meridian massage is a practical hands-on approach to healing that is easy to integrate into your existing massage or bodywork practice. Those wishing to care for themselves, family, and friends will be able to add this approach to their repertoire.

Meridian massage draws from Chinese medicine and modern massage therapy. The basis of Chinese medicine is Qi (“chee”). Qi is the energy that enlivens the body, mind and spirit. When the Qi is plentiful and flowing through meridians (meridians are pathways in the body where Qi flows), we experience vitality, happiness and health.

Symptoms such as physical pain, emotional overwhelm, and mental stress are signs that the Qi is out of balance and/or not flowing. There are specific locations on meridians where the Qi is easily contacted, and can be supported back to flow and balance. These locations are called "acupoints," or simply, “points.” Using gentle touch, you can learn to work with the points in order to affect Qi.

Cindy brings the theory and practice of Chinese medicine to life as she explains the basis of symptoms, and how to approach the return to balance using the healing potential of Qi.  In every webinar you will learn what points you can use to support the balance of Qi, and therefore the relief of symptoms.

Cindy Black, Founder, L.Ac., LMT

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