Learn the 12 Meridians

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The 12 Meridians for Beginners is an ebook that covers the very basics of each meridian. It's the best place to start if you are new to Classical Chinese medicine and the concept of meridians.


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investmentInvestment: $12   time-iconTime to Complete: Under 1 hour   steps-iconLevel: Beginner

In the All About the 12 Meridians, there are 12 tele-classes where we cover highlights of each meridian, a few great acupoints on each meridian, and have a recorded question and answer period from students.

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investmentInvestment: $95   time-iconTime to Complete: 8-10 hours   steps-iconLevel: Intermediate

The Guide to the 12 Meridians

The Guide to the 12 Meridians is a big body of work! It is packed with wonderful, in-depth information regarding each meridian, their pathways, and 24 acupoints. This course qualifies for 12 Continuing Education Credits.

A student favorite!

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investmentInvestment: $295   time-iconTime to Complete: 12-16 hours  steps-iconLevel: Advanced 

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