What are people saying about Cindy Black?

Here are 56 notes regarding our student's learning experience:

Cindy! I Love your easy going way of presenting a very complex topic. You make learning and understanding the 12 meridians possible, as opposed to previous classes I have taken from other instructors. Thank you for taking the time to produce a logical, well thought out, organized, and comprehensive class. Know that you are appreciated!

- K. Enay

Your course was very thorough, detailed, and very well-explained. Your webinars, illustrations, and text made the course a complete experience.

- Sherrie Allyn, LMT

I thoroughly enjoyed this and loved that I could go at my own pace. Every step of the course had clear instructions and easy to follow information. I'm very excited to have learned the 12 meridians. Thank you so much Cindy for putting this course in place.

- Linda Pisani, Loudoun Feng Shui Style at Home

...I believe that this course is the most valuable thing to add to my massage practice because I feel that, I now have a way to really help my clients. Because Cindy is a LMT, I am totally with her way of teaching this - in that movement is what gets stagnant Qi moving!

- Carol Kirkley,

I love all your classes. I always get an "aha" moment at one point in the class, even though I have studied the material before. You give great insights! Thanks.

- Susan Lockhart,

This is what an online course should be like. I feel like I finally understand it so much better. Thank you so much.

- Rosalie Northway,

Excellent training! I loved it!!

- Donald Scott,

I'm a lay person who has benefited greatly from acupressure bodywork for over thirty years. This course tied so much together for me, that I know I'll not only benefit from more accurate self-care, but also from a wonderful dialog between me and the woman who now does my body work.

- Sue Martinez,

Thank you for your hard work in helping to simplify something very un-simple. You're very good at speaking plainly and giving a variety of visual and audio real life examples to provide imagery. I enjoy all your classes.

- Doris Levinn,

...This course was just as I expected: clear, relevant, humorous (at times), and grounded in practical application that I could use immediately.

Thank you, Cindy for your expertise and ability to teach complex ideas in a clear manner.

- Linda B-K,

Cindy's wonderful way of not taking herself too seriously and clearly being confident in and venerating the material, while living what she's teaching makes learning with her not just productive, but also enjoyable - fun even!

- Kari E. Hoyt, Bodease

I really appreciate the pains you take to ensure the best possible, thorough grounding in the points (subject matter) you cover. Your love for the subject shines through.

- Margaret,

I found this course to be exactly what I needed to bring understanding, insights, and to grasp of the 5 elements. It was money well spent...

- Tino,

This course included great information on this subject. It helped strengthen my fundamental knowledge of the 5 Elements and how we relate to the environment.

- Stan Pannone,

Her sense of humor and her real life approach were refreshing to me!

The way that she built the class on a solid foundation, layering each concept on the previous, and organizing the material in a way that made perfect sense to me, makes me want to shout out to everyone: “Take this class; EVERYONE should take this class! Whether you want to learn this information because you are a hands-on practitioner, or because you want to know another way to look at health and wholeness - take this class!

- Aniiyah Klock,

Cindy is personable and creative. What I enjoyed the most and found amazing was that I felt like I was in a “real time” classroom and not taking an online course. Cindy’s approach to making my understanding clear was demonstrated in her real-modeling, video presentations.  I received many “Aha” moments with the slides that were presented as well; one could easily say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

- Genesis M. Roy,

This course pulled together so much information in a way that I could easily understand. I now have a much better grasp of how to use the Five Elements to help diagnose my clients, and which meridian points to use on them.

- Sharon W.,

It was thorough and very informative - a moderate speed to understand.

- Mira Patel,

This was a wonderful course! I truly loved learning about all the points and using them in my practice.

- Tamara L. Barnes,

Thank you so much. I enjoyed the experience and learning.

- Darci Michaels,

Funny, for the question: "Did the course improve my knowledge of the subject?" I looked for the choice – “OMG, YES!” This course was simply gold for me as a lay person. Thank you.

- Sue Martinez,

I simply wish to contact Cindy, and thank her for the work that she does. Five minutes on her site, I learned more than the 100 books I have.

- EHD,

Thanks so much for your help. I thought the shoulder pain webinar was excellent. I look forward to reviewing it again and watching the others as well. You have a great ability to present the information clearly and to distill the important points. . . Traditional Chinese Medicine can be a bit overwhelming at times, so I really appreciate your material.

- Annie MacMillan,

I learned so much from your Big Deal healing points. I use LifeWave patches, which work like acupuncture without needles.  Learning the points from you for pain relief have really helped me with patching for pain. I think the webinar series will be extremely helpful to me. Thank you!

- Rhonda Walker,

Cindy, thanks so much for your recent webinar on shoulder pain. It was very easy to follow, and the graphics, as always, were clear and helpful. From my perspective you are a fantastic teacher. I'll take almost anything you offer!!

- Cathy Wooten,

I am really loving the Big Deal Points eBook! In almost every session, I incorporate intentional focus on the energy flow of potentially needy meridians. It is so great to add specific work of these powerful points, and I have found they really hit home with the client. In fact, my clients almost always ask... "What WAS that point!!??"

- Sarah,

...I was moved to tears with how much this aided my cancer client.  Thank you Cindy.

- Sharon E.,

I can't express enough how much I enjoyed the 12 Meridian class. Cindy gave us so much information. She was clear, very detailed, and very funny! I've never taken a class that was so fun. She introduced me to a whole new world. Never realized the body was so amazing. I've learned to relieve pain through pressure points. And I'm very fast in tracing my meridians. I so highly recommend this 12 Meridian course in gaining knowledge in helping self and others. I had a blast. Thank you Cindy!

- Tanya,

You are a great master and teacher. All the material was clear, understandable, and interesting. [I want] to continue learning deeper and deeper. Thank you!

- Aldona Vysniauskiene

I am very excited to integrate this knowledge into my massage therapy sessions as I do a lot of specific, point work from intuition; but now I have the knowledge to know what each point is affecting! Thank you so much for this great course. I look forward to taking more. I really enjoyed the easy going, funny, humored teachings!

- Pamela Broad, Essence Of Flow Wellness Massage & Yoga

The Powerpoint Pictures were awesome as was the guidebook. Great support with this class. Can't wait until I do another.

- Elizabeth Haley,

Cindy, I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed this course. Out of the many CE classes that I have taken over the years, yours has been by far one of the most interesting and easy to understand. The fact that you speak slowly and clearly, and add an element of lightheartedness and humor to each webinar, makes you a wonderful teacher.

- Debra Evans,

Excellent course! I especially liked the last summary of the course, where we had to memorize the meridians. I really enjoyed connecting the meridians one after the other. I felt the course was very thorough and fair.

- Barbette Curran,

I really loved this class. It was a great review and expansion of what I learned in massage school years ago. I've been studying meridians and acupressure points on my own - this class put it all together for me in a comprehensive way that left me wanting to learn more. And it was fun! Cindy is a wonderful teacher. 

- Jeanette Martin , Nyack Massage

This was so much fun Cindy. Thank you very much!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this class, especially because I could do it in my own time ;-). I loved your presentation of this complex material; you made it easy to understand, and I’m looking forward to implementing what I have learned into my massage practice. Blessings to you, Cindy, for making this ancient knowledge available to us.

- Silke,

Cindy is extremely knowledgeable in the subject matter, and explains the material in an easy and understandable manner. She proves a number of resources to make sure you understand what she is teaching. I would strongly recommend this class to anyone interested in learning about Meridians and/or including the work in Massage.

- Charlene Cabral,

Very well laid out and organized. Loved this course! Cindy makes learning subjects that are very layered seem easy and clear.

- Shari Hodgins,

Thank you for offering these wonderful webinars. They have been very fun and educational.

- Michele Melligan ,

Thank you, Cindy. Wow, what a truly inspiring course! As a BodyTalk practitioner, this has been an amazing journey with you, and I thank you deeply for expanding my knowledge on the subject.

- Jill N.,

Loved how Cindy made this rather ambiguous and mysterious topic so clear to understand.

- Leonor Horden,

Cindy provides clear step by step instructions, charts, and videos on how to locate the acupoints. She presents a blueprint to look at energetic patterns and get to the root of the problem versus memorization of precise formulas. Her explanations and insights are invaluable.

- Sharon Egan,

Once you enter the world of Big Tree School of Natural Healing, you will be amazed. The 60 Transformational Acupoints course is impressive.

Acupressure and meridian work on people is new to me, as I am an animal body worker. This course has given me a greater understanding of the world of acupoints and how they all connect.

- Karan Gibbons,

Loved this course. I had done energy medicine classes before but they left me wanting to know more about meridians, points, and Chinese theory. This class gave me wonderful info. Thank you!

- Elizabeth Haley ,

How could this not be useful for every professional bodyworker. I have been practicing acupuncture for 30 years, and I still learned something which I love to do. Thank you, Cindy, for giving me more in my toolbox.

- Silvia L.,

This has been a wonderful, very informative course. I loved it and learned a lot!! I have worked with acupoints for several years but my knowledge seemed disjointed. Cindy presented the information in a way that is easily understood. Now some of the other courses I have taken make sense!! I had several AHA moments. I loved the different ways of grouping the points. It made everything come together. Thank you!!!!

- Susan Lockhart,

Cindy has developed an extremely useful tool for us massage therapists to incorporate into our massage sessions. She has a beautiful way of being succinct, getting her point across, and making the learning fun!

- Bonnie Innerst,

It exceeded my expectations in every way.

- Sarah Strohmeyer,

There was lots of reinforcing where the points are located and what they do. I needed all of that. Really liked the videos where Cindy showed how to find the point on a person, and everything was labeled very well.

- Anne Bula,

Cindy's knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and meridian systems is totally relevant to my practice, which is largely based in Western medicine but very much impacted by subtleties beyond traditional training. I am very grateful to Cindy Black for sharing her skills and knowledge in a way that helped me be a better health care clinician.

- Kristin Stevens, RN,

Thank you so much. I have been having shoulder pain for about 2 weeks. I followed along rubbing each point as you discussed them, and my shoulder already feels better. I have learned tons too.

- Pam K.,

Thanks SO much, Cindy. I very much appreciate your lessons. They are beautifully illustrated and easy to understand. You are a master at getting the messages across in ways a layman can appreciate and understand.  

- Nancy,

I want to thank you so much for the incredible wealth of knowledge you shared [in the Big Deal Points]. I learned so much from you. Clarity is everything, and you are a master in that.

- Sofia Ianovskaia,

I want to thank you for these Big Deal Points. Goodness, I am learning so much, and I am so appreciative.  

- Vi Garcia,

Words cannot describe what I felt the very first moment I started the class. Cindy has a gift for breaking down such an amazing subject, that can be complex and hard to follow--with so much history behind it. I have been looking for a class like the Guide to the 12 Meridians for a long time. There are some classes out there but none seem to fit with a caring, funny, and profound love for what is TCM, like this one.

- Johanne G.,

Holding the points really calms me and slows my breathing as well as the clients.  I'm not moving the Qi or at least not aware of it yet, but I feel like it may happen eventually. Love this class so much!

- Bonny F.,