How To Relieve Sinus Pain with Acupressure

SinusPts Points to relieve sinus pain

Apply gentle, yet firm pressure to each of these points to relieve sinus pain due to sinusitis and sinus congestion.

The four points shown on the diagram are located on both sides of the face. In total, you will contact eight acupressure points. With the person lying face up, sit behind their head and apply pressure to one set of points at a time.

Encourage the sinus sufferer to fully drop the weight of their head onto the supporting surface, close their eyes, and breathe normally.  Allow your pressure to deepen when they exhale. Ask if you are applying enough pressure, or too much. Together, you will figure out just how much pressure is needed.

5- 10 minutes of acupressure will bring relief.

Take your time. Hold each point for 3 – 5 breaths, slowly release your contact and move onto the next set of points. Repeat this process a few times until relief is felt.

Once the sinuses open, the pressure will reduce and the sinus pain will also reduce. Now it’s time for you to give a simple short foot massage. Massaging the feet balances the energy from head to toe, bringing even more relief.

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