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Fire Meridians

Big FireFour Meridians of the Fire Element

Only the Fire Element has four meridians associated with it. The other Elements of Chinese medicine each have just two meridians. Every Element is associated with a season:

  1. Fire – Summer
  2. Earth – Late Summer
  3. Metal – Fall
  4. Water – Winter
  5. Wood – Spring

5 Elements of Chinese medicine:

5 Elements

The Fire Element arises during the summer.

Summer is hot!
This is a time of more heat, light, and activity. Each of the Fire meridians reflect different qualities and characteristics of the Fire Element. Below are links to descriptions of each of the Fire meridians:

  1. Heart Meridian
  2. Small Intestine Meridian
  3. San Jiao – Triple Warmer Meridian
  4. Pericardium Meridian


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