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What are cell salts?

Cell salts are also called biochemic tissue salts, or mineral salts. Cell salts were discovered and named as the science of biochemistry was sprouting in the early 1800’s – primarily in Europe. A German medical doctor, Dr. W. H. Schuessler (1821-1898) is considered the originator of cell salt theory and practice. He coined the term “Biochemic tissue salts.”

Our understanding of the cellular nature of our bodies, and how these cells functioned was being revealed via the use of more modern laboratory equipment in the early 1800’s. One human body is actually made up of trillions of microscopic cells. From the Biochemic perspective, the visible health of the body is the result of the health and vitality of the unseen trillions of cells that make up that body. Cells rely heavily on minerals – like calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and sodium in order to function. One way that a cell can have reduced function is to have a lack of important minerals.

Cell salt tablets

We naturally ingest these minerals in our food and water. When we are healthy, we can assume that our cells are getting all the minerals they need. If we have symptoms such as dry skin, acne, poor digestion, muscle pain, nerve pain, sinus congestion, anxiety, and many other common ailments, we can assume that part of the “problem” is that our cells are not functioning optimally. This reduced function may be due to a mineral deficiency.

Cell salts are a combination of minerals that the body is able to absorb and use. The theory behind cell salts is that in order for the cells to be able to benefit from supplemental minerals, they must be in a form that is both small enough (remember, we are talking about tiny cells that utilize minute amounts of a substance) and in the correct combination. Dr. Schussler combined all of these requirements into tablets now referred to as “cell salts” or “mineral salts.”

There are 12 cell main salts:

Calcium Fluoride

Calcium Phosphate

Calcium Sulphate

Ferrum Phosphate

Potassium Chloride

Potassium Phosphate

Potassium Sulphate

Magnesium Phosphate

Sodium Chloride

Sodium Phosphate

Sodium Sulphate


The amount of actual material in each tablet is very small and dilute. The dilution allows for easy absorption into the blood and easy utilization by the cells.

Trituration: The Dilution Process

Cells are tiny – we can’t even see them – imagine how small a nutrient must be in order for a cell to “ingest” it! In order to make the mineral “bite size” for a cell, it is first ground down. Then one tiny part of the ground up mineral salt is added to 9 parts of lactose (milk sugar). This combination is ground up for at least 2 hours. Then, 1 part of this mixture is combined again with 9 more parts of lactose – to be ground again for at least 2 hours.

This process, called trituration, is repeated and repeated until the correct dilution for a given cell salt is achieved. Usually, this is indicated by a “6X”- which represents the process of adding 1 part mineral salt to 9 parts lactose (equaling 10 parts “X” is the Roman numeral for 10) and then diluting it again and again 6 times.

Why Use Cell Salts?

They are very gentle, easy to take (they melt under your tongue), affordable ($15 for 1000 tablets), and very effective for many common ailments. Like any healing method, they work great for some people and not so great for others. The good news is that trying cell salts is a pretty safe experiment, as they are so diluted and gentle that side effects are not an issue.

I have yet to find one method of healing that works all the time for every situation, and for every person – that’s why I keep learning about different forms of healing.

Here are a few ways that I use cell salts for my own health:

  • Mix 1 tablet of Calcium Phosphate (6X) and 1 tablet of Calcium Fluoride (12X) into the water reservoir of my dental irrigator “WaterPik” to support the health of my teeth and gums.

  • Take 3 tablets of Ferrum Phosphate (12X) 3 times a day during menstruation.

  • Take 2 tablets of Potassium Chloride(6X) and 2 tablets of Ferrum Phosphate (12X) once a day to prevent colds and flu’s during the fall and winter.

  • Take 5 tablets of Magnesium Phosphate(6X) 4 times a day when flying to prevent jet lag.

There are many other ways to use cell salts. Below are some resources for learning more:


The Chemistry of Life, by George W. Carey
Dr. Schuessler’s Biochemistry, by J. B. Chapman and J. W. Cogswell


Institute of Biochemic Medicine

Tablets can be purchased in a variety of sizes:

Cell salts different sizes

Tablets can be purchased in sizes from 250 per bottle to 4000







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About The Author

Cindy Black, L.Ac., LMT

Cindy Black is the Founder of Big Tree School of Natural Healing and the author of Meridian Massage, Pathways to Vitality. She is appreciated for her ability to make the complex accessible, fun, and practical.


  • janet klock

    Reply Reply January 26, 2014

    I started using cell salts when my menstrual cycle was pretty much continuous for 4 months. After 2 months od cell salts, combined with female tincture acupressure points daily for liver spleen and kidney and Qigong my cycle is almost “normal” (18 days apart instead of one or two days apart). Thank you Cindy for all the research you share. Your contribution and style of explanation is so very valuable!! ♥ Janet

    • Cindy Black, L.Ac.

      Reply Reply January 27, 2014

      Thanks for sharing your experience Janet! It is always inspiring to hear how people are caring for themselves simply and having big changes – so happy for you!

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