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5 SureFire Ways to Support Digestion

Support Digestion

5 SureFire Ways to Support Digestion is a guest post.

Eating and digestion are an imperative part of life. Many of us are so frequently on auto-pilot when it comes to food consumption, that it’s common to overlook what we can do to optimize the process. Natural ways to support digestion can easily be added to your daily routine, so that you can enjoy a smooth & happy system.

1. Start at ‘Go’.

support digestionDigestion doesn’t begin in the stomach, the process actually starts in the brain first. Have you ever noticed that when you think about something delicious – a warm piece of bread, right out of the oven or a rich, hearty bowl of soup, your mouth literally begins to water? That’s the body getting ready to consume nutrients; stimulating your gastric juices in the stomach and secreting saliva in the mouth to help break down the incoming food, so that you can assimilate and absorb the various properties. Take note of this automatic response, initiate a few deep belly breaths, and offer a moment of gratitude for the nourishment you are about to partake in.

We also “eat” with our eyes. Taking a little extra time to plate the meal, so that it is visually appealing creates a scene to truly enjoy and receive nourishment.

2. Put your “attention” where your mouth is.

Chew, chew, chew. This tip requires some mindfulness and coming from a fast eater, it can be challenging to accomplish right off the bat. Chewing your food thoroughly before swallowing, allows the mouth to do a lot of the “heavy lifting” in the digestive process. Our teeth, coupled with naturally secreted digestive enzymes, have an opportunity to breakdown the food upon entry. This minimizes possible painful digestive issues like indigestion, bloating, headaches, and other gastrointestinal discomforts. Slowing down, being present and not “multi-tasking” are all helpful contributing factors to better digestion.

3. Move IT!

RebounderRegular movement increases circulation, and keeps the body organs toned up & in good working order to assist with digestive functions. 30 minutes per day of a brisk walk and/or yoga poses (twists and ones that target the core are good choices) can make a big difference not only in your overall health and well-being, but with digestion and elimination as well. Also, jumping on a mini-rebounder (you can find one on Amazon) is an awesome way to increase circulation of lymphatic fluid (the body’s waste disposal mechanism). Even 10 minutes per day in the morning, before eating can have great results.

4. Spice it up, Baby!

Nature provides us with a wonderful collection of natural digestive aids. It’s not only uber easy to enhance your food with fresh herbs & spices, it’s fun and tastes great too!

support digestionParsley and cilantro are both full of natural enzymes that help improve digestion, as well as being known to stimulate digestion and eliminate toxins from the body. These green powerhouses are way more than a garnish, so feel free to be generous when topping your favorite dish. Salsa fresca anyone?

Also, coriander, ginger and fennel are excellent spices to stimulate gastric juices needed for digestion, as well as soothe GI issues, like gas or bloating. Try adding a few slices (1/4 inch or so total) of organic ginger, 1/2 tsp of coriander power and 1/4 tsp of fennel seeds to 2 cups of boiling water . Steep for 5-10 minutes, strain and sip.

Note: Drinking beverages with your meal dilutes the digestive enzymes needed. For ultimate digestion, try consuming liquids either before the meal or at least 30 minutes after.

5. Plant Power to the Rescue.

Aromatherapy has a long history of digestion supporting essential oils. Sweet Orange, Peppermint and Black Pepper are just a few that help stimulate and aid digestion. Here is a recipe that you can try for a DIY Digestion Support Blend.

1 oz. Jojoba

4 drops of Peppermint (Mentha x piperita) essential oil

4 drops of Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) essential oil

3 drops of Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) essential oil

Mix well and shake before using. Pour a small amount (around 1 tsp) in the palm of hands, rub together, and apply over the abdomen in a clock-wise motion. May be applied before or after eating to aid digestion. For external use only.

support digestion

I know sometimes when tips sound super simple or we’ve heard them before, it’s easy to gloss over them and proceed as usual. However, putting them into practice, with steady dedication really has beneficial and lasting effects.

Remember, when adding anything new to your routine, go easy on yourself, make it fun, and take note of how you feel after implementing it. Start by trying 1 or 2 new ideas and go from there.

Until next time…breathe joy!


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Kc Rossi

Kc has been an innovator in the business world for over 25 years. She has industry experience ranging from gourmet foods to aromatherapy. As a believer in Kaizen, she is passionate about helping others in the field of personal and business development. When she’s not online, you can find her in the backyard garden or with her fluffy cat, Bini.


  • Genesis M. Roy

    Reply Reply August 31, 2015

    Cindy as usual this is Right on time for me … Thankyou for this valuable information, especially the a
    Abdomen Massage Blend …ooolala

    • Cindy Black, L.Ac., LMT

      Reply Reply September 1, 2015

      Let’s thank Kc Rossi – she wrote this post!


    • Kc Rossi

      Reply Reply September 1, 2015

      Glad you enjoyed, Genesis. <3

  • Mei

    Reply Reply September 1, 2015

    Thank You ! to both Rossii & Cindy. For posting this Very helpful info.
    With gratitude and love. Mei

    • Kc Rossi

      Reply Reply September 1, 2015

      Hi Mei~
      Thank you for your interest. Keep us posted on what you implement.

  • Anna

    Reply Reply July 29, 2017

    Good info. I am going to try that essential oil formula.

    thanks, Anna

    • Kc Rossi

      Reply Reply July 31, 2017

      Hi Anna,

      Thanks so much for the comment. Let me know your thoughts when you try the blend.
      P.S. Love your website! I’m a big believer of smoothies as well. 🙂

  • laxman

    Reply Reply September 23, 2017

    Please suggest some tips for curing acidity.

    • Cindy Black

      Reply Reply September 24, 2017

      Hi- I don’t have short answers, I have classes that explain the whole picture 🙂 Please have a look at the school website by using this link

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