Learn how to alleviate common ailments of today's fast-paced life with an innovative method of healing that combines Acupressure, Self-Care, and Lifestyle Adjustments - the Meridian Massage Approach.

Meridian Massage is a holistic approach to health and happiness based on Classical Chinese Medicine and Taoism (the root of Classical Chinese Medicine). The Meridian Massage Approach combines hands-on contact with acupressure points and meridians, self-care practices, and lifestyle adjustments.

Anyone can learn and practice the Meridian Massage Approach:

  • Professional health practitioners integrate the hands-on work with acupressure points into their existing skill set.
  • Individuals (and professionals) bring lifestyle adjustments and self-care practices into their daily lives to promote their health and happiness.

Master the Healing Potential of Acupressure Points

Cindy BlackLearn with Cindy Black: Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, and Holistic Educator.  Author of Meridian Massage, Opening Pathways to Vitality and founder of Big Tree. Let's explore the wonders of healing together!

"Wonderful, wonderful class - so incredibly well-presented, well-organized, aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-navigate - nobody gets left behind - we all have as much support as we could possibly need. I have always wanted to study TCM without making a huge time and financial commitment but something more than a weekend seminar. This was absolutely perfect for me! Thank you to Cindy and Staff - a joyous experience!"

- Sue R.

"Very well laid out and organized. Loved this course! Cindy makes learning subjects that are very layered seem easy and clear."
Shari H.

"Meridians, Acupressure points? They confused me. Then you have elements, colors, seasons and feelings. What? I didn't even know that existed.
We had enough small review sessions so that we were actually able to secure what we learned. Each student experienced different levels of changes over the 3 days, a lot were physical and some were emotional. Meridian Massage really works! Cindy keeps you engaged and learning really fun. I was totally blown away where this journey took me. If you need a new direction, this is for you. Thank you"
Mindy M.

"You are a great teacher, Cindy. I can tell you that! I also teach ( chemical engineering). But no matter the subject, I think, 3 things are needed: knowledge, good communication, and passion. And you have them all. 

I have been studying the meridians for many years from different sources, mostly books. 
With this training, I have been able to wrap it all and apply with more consistency and confidence. I plan to continue my studies as soon as I complete the final exam. Thank YOU"
Bernardo A.

"Cindy, I Love your easy going way of presenting a very complex topic. You make learning and understanding the 12 meridians possible, as opposed to previous classes I have taken from other instructors. Thank you for taking the time to produce a logical, well thought out, organized, and comprehensive class. Know that you are appreciated!"

- K. Enay

"This is what an online course should be like. I feel like I finally understand it so much better. Thank you so much."

Rosalie N.

How do I learn the Meridian Massage Approach?

You will need to learn some basics of Chinese Medical theory to get the most benefit. The key aspects that you need to learn are:

  • Yin and Yang – the primary forces of manifestation
  • 12 Meridians – locations, functions, and uses of each pathway of energy flow
  • 5 Elements – how each Element manifests in Nature and the Human Body-Mind-Spirit
  • Organ Systems of Chinese Medicine – the role each Organ plays in the uptake, transformation, storage, and use of Qi
  • Points (acupressure points) – the function, location, and correct way to apply pressure each point
  • Self-care exercises – how to balance and harmonize Qi within your system
  • Lifestyle adjustments – know what habits of body and mind to change to maintain (or regain) health and happiness
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