5 Elements of Self-care

Self-care redefined The 5 Elements of Chinese medicine express themselves in our body-mind-emotion-spirit. Imbalances within ourselves are eased by taking a little time to care for ourselves. Using the wisdom of the 5 Elements, we have access to innovative possibilities for self-care. Below is a short list to get you started: Earth -Nourishing, giving and receiving…

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Free trial - yay!

Free Trials at Big Tree

Experience is the best teacher Now you can try any course at Big Tree for free before enrolling! Sample my teaching style for yourself, have a look inside the course, double check that content is what you are expecting, and feel sure about your choice to enroll. It’s easy – follow the directions below: Click…

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Inward Journey 50%off

Sauerkraut, Self-care, and a Sale

Simple and Easy A few days ago a friend told me that making sauerkraut was easy. Just mix salt with cabbage – that’s it! Sauerkraut I have been obsessed with sauerkraut recently. The possibility of making my own burst open my imagination – I saw images of crock pots full of fabulous home-made sauerkraut. Maybe…

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Move Qi, relieve pain

Relieving pain can be that simple. Qi (energy) is the basis of the physical structures of the body. When the Qi is plentiful and flowing, we experience ease of movement. Abundant and flowing Qi manifests as supple and toned muscles and flexible joints. Qi flows through pathways called meridians. Because Qi is energy, it is…

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hands-on massage

Guiding and Yielding – the Art of Meridian Massage

Responding is the key Chinese medical theory is the science of Meridian Massage. But how do we actually “do Meridian Massage?” That is the art, and it will be unique to every practitioner. Guiding and Yielding This simple principle has become the basis of all that I do within my self-care practices, and my work…

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Funny surgeon

Gallbladder removal and Gallbladder Meridian

Remove the Gallbladder, keep the meridian The Gallbladder itself is a physical organ that can be surgically removed. The Gallbladder meridian is one of 12 energetic pathways, called meridians, in Chinese medicine. Meridians are not removed by surgery because they are purely energetic pathways. Joint pain and the Gallbladder Meridian Qi (“chee“) is the energy…

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5 points to clear brain fog

Better focus using acupressure points Brain fog, fuzzy mind, tired in the head – all of these symptoms can be relieved with acupressure. Chinese medicine offers us many acupoints that “clear the mind.” 5 Acupoints to Clear the Mind 1. Du (Governing Vessel) 20 2. Four Extra points Si Chen Cong These five acupressure points…

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Taking a deep breath

Room to breathe

Make space for the lungs To fully inflate during an inhale, the lungs need room to expand. The rib cage lifts and opens a bit upon inhalation, while the diaphragm moves down toward the abdomen. When we breathe, these two actions create space for the lungs to inflate. There is always room for more air!…

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Supporting the Lungs with Meridian Massage

Lungs are the “Tender Organ” The Lungs are vulnerable to fluctuations in temperature, air quality, and airborne pathogens. Because they are so vulnerable to outside conditions, the Lungs are said to be the most tender Organ in Chinese medicine.   Lungs are the Yin Organ pair to the Large Intestine The Yang partner of the…

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Lung meridian

12 Meridians of Chinese Medicine

Qi flows in meridians Qi (energy) flows through specific pathways called meridians. Chinese medicine mapped the pathways of the 12 meridians thousands of years ago. On these pathways, over 350 points (also called acupressure points, acupuncture points, acupoints) were identified. Points are specific locations on meridians where the Qi can be accessed. The 12 Meridians:…

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