Guide to the 5 Elements

guide to the 5 elements


Nature offers us many resources. The 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine show us how to access the resources of Nature, so that we can take better care of ourselves, and others.

Learn how to utilize each of the 5 Elements, so that you can enhance and balance your body, mind, emotions and spirit. The course consists of 4 in-depth classes.

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The Guide to the 5 Elements course is a concrete reference for living a balanced, holistic life.

You will learn:

Class One

Origins of the 5 Elements - knowing the origin of the 5 Elements gives you a pathway toward connecting with Universal energy so that you can better navigate the events of your life.

The Wood Element is associated with Spring. Learn how to utilize the vibrant energy of the Wood Element to lift your spirits, get projects going, and take action on your dreams.

Class Two

The Metal Element, associated with Fall. Learn how to utilize the resources of the Metal Element so that you can prevent colds and flus, increase mental focus, and experience the relief of letting go.

The Earth Element, our center, our connection to the Earth. Learn how to balance your ability to give and receive in order to improve digestion, feel more present, and gain support directly from the ground beneath you.

Class Three

The Water Element is associated with Winter. Learn to balance Fire and Water within yourself in order to sleep better, flow with your creative endeavors, and improve your emotional equilibrium.

The Fire Element is associated with Summer. Learn how to utilize the Fire Element to open your heart, improve communication, and connect with your heart’s desires.

Class Four

The Dynamics of the 5 Elements - know how the Elements influence each other so that you can understand the origin of imbalances and take concrete action to return to balance.

Theory of Root and Manifestation so that you can use your knowledge of the 5 Elements to prevent disease and support wellness.

Nationally Approved for 12 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

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Janet_KlockI truly enjoyed the Guide to the 5 elements. I appreciated greatly the homework, and "out of the box" approach to connecting with the elements through experiencing nature. I was able to clarify within myself a few questions I had about the elements by doing the homework. I had a number of Aha moments, and I would absolutely recommend this course to others, whether they have had some training in the elements or not!! Thank you greatly!!!

- Aniiyah Klock, LMT, Founder, Sacred Waters School of Massage and Integrated Energy Medicine

Testimonial-DefaultLoved this course! Deepened my knowledge of the elements- especially the positive emotional aspects, and how the consolidating and control cycles can be used to work with the emotions. Thank you so much Cindy!

- Challice Robinson, LMT, Aromatherapist