Guide to 60 Transformational Acupoints

Expand the possibilities of your practice with these 60 transformational acupoints.

If you want to maximize the use of acupoints in your hands-on healing, you need to know more than just where a point is located. You need to know the dynamics of each of the points, and their associated specifics, qualities and actions. The key to learning these dynamics is to know the points that belong to traditional point categories. Investment: $295

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You will learn:

This class will walk you through six of the most important traditional point categories, the actions associated with each category, and the specifics of every point within the category.

Traditional Point Categories Covered:

  1. Ma Danyang’s 12 Heavenly Star Points
  2. Command Points
  3. Influential Points
  4. Back Shu Points
  5. Five Transporting - Shu Points
  6. Yuan Source Points

Plus, Applied Point Categories:


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By understanding the multifaceted nature of these acupoints, you will be able to apply them creatively and effectively to balance the energetic root of symptoms, and support well-being. Guide to 60 Transformational Acupoints gives you a comprehensive set of acupoints that enables you to work skillfully with a wide range of imbalances that affect the body-mind-emotions-spirit.  

Course authorized for 14 CEUs

We are an approved provider through NCBTMB, the New York state board and the Florida state board for licensed massage therapists.

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Acupoints have been used for thousands of years. Cindy Black brings this ancient wisdom to you today, in a manner that is easily accessible, while maintaining the depth and wonder of this precious body of knowledge.

In addition, you will have clear diagrams, pictures and videos to see exactly how to locate each point.

Cindy Black, L.Ac., LMT, Founder

Recent feedback...

"This course is awesome. The first listen/read where Cindy discussed the nature of points has expanded my curiosity. While I have an academic and intuitive awareness of Yin/Yang, Element, Organ, Meridian, I was not integrating the associated category well enough to develop experiential knowledge of the point. Learning the names of the points will be fun and contemplating the meaning will add to the knowledge base. Cindy excels!"

- Sharon Egan

The more points you know, the more you can do!

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