Zip Up Your Qi Jacket

We have a protective layer of Qi that repels nasty influences like wind, cold, damp, and microbes. This is called our Defensive Qi, or Wei Qi. You can tell how vital this protective layer of Qi is by reflecting on your experience. Are you one of those people who always catches a cold (need to…

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Qi Jacket Point Combination

It takes a whole village of points to raise one Qi jacket! Here’s how I think about it: The Earth element nourishes the Metal element. So, I use Stomach 36 to boost the Earth, insuring that it has plenty to give to Metal. Large Intestine 10 is a Metal point. It relates to ST 36 because…

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sneeze cartoon

Preventing Colds and Flu’s

There is plenty of concern going on these days about the H1N1 Swine Flu. I’ve been getting many questions about how to prevent the flu from friends and clients as they go to work in schools, public and private offices, retail, etc. So here we go… It might seem obvious, but in order to prevent…

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Immune Support

As I drove north from Florida for 2 days with only one short night of sleep, I had plenty of time to think about my immune system. In order to support my body through this somewhat stressful event, I focused on drinking plenty of water, light eating, and taking supportive herbs. It seems the plan…

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Things I always take on a plane

Besides a few snacks, magazines and my iPod, I always travel with a few things to protect myself from “plane air.” First and foremost, I try not to think about it too much. Next, I relax by doing a few things that offer me a little extra protection from real or imagined things floating around…

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