Quitting; a gift of the Metal Element

“Quitting” has many connotations.  If I quit school, I’m a failure. If I quit smoking, I’m a success story. Personally, I have quit many things – some would be declared failures and others successes. Quitting is an ending of one thing, and the beginning of another. Endings, letting go, limiting – these balance all the beginnings, the…

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What is balance

What is balance?

Balance is a process, not a point of perfection. What is balance? “Balance” is something that many of us are seeking. By attaining balance in life and work, exercise and rest, our diet, mind-body-spirit, time on the internet, and time in the garden, we can live in health and happiness. But what is this “thing” called…

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Fall leaves

Moving at the speed of breath

Lately I’m lost in fast moving thoughts, agitated by endless “to do lists,” rushing through traffic to get to a yoga class.  Catching up with myself this morning, bringing my attention to my breath, a familiar  sense of settling slowly seeps into my cells. From stillness I begin familiar movements. But now I am present…

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Acupressure Points for Balancing Fire and Water

Chinese Medicine offers western holistic medical practitioners a wonderful way to explore health and vitality. At its simplest level, Chinese Medicine is focused on balancing Yin and Yang. Acupressure is a technique often used within Meridian Massage. Yin and Yang are the two fundamental aspects of all creation: thoughts, material objects, emotions, plants, humans, business…

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Spring is the time for a liver cleanse!

As the snow and ice melt around us, plants that have been hibernating all Winter begin pushing through dirt, rock, cement, and pavement, to start the cycle of regeneration again. This action of pushing up through the hard soil and reaching for the sun relates to the Wood element in Chinese Medicine. Trees and perennials…

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Easy Health Care

Acupuncture is just one of the many modalities of Chinese Medicine. Other methods of Chinese Medical treatment include herbs, massage, exercise, diet, and meditation. Depending on the concern of the patient, any one or a combination of these methods may be recommended by a Doctor of Chinese Medicine. The West now recognizes the multiple health…

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I know that my many interests and abilities revolve around a constant. The constant is my belief in the Divinity of life. The desire for Divine meaning, purpose, or connection has always been a palpable force within me – as obvious as my heartbeat and breath. Over the years I have expended a lot of…

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