Healing Acupoints

Healing with Acupoints

Acupoints have great potential Acupoints have been used for thousands of years by millions of people, and have tremendous potential for healing. Acupoints come to us from ancient China – Chinese medicine is thousands of years old. Chinese medicine is based on the premise that the balance and flow of energy, known as Qi (“chee”),…

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tennis elbow

Tennis elbow acupressure point

Acupressure point for tennis elbow Tennis elbow will require more than just one acupressure point for complete healing. However, there is a key acupressure point for tennis elbow that you should know. Large Intestine 11 for tennis elbow Large Intestine 11 (LI 11) is located right where much of the pain from tennis elbow is…

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Spiritual Good Fortune

Spiritual Basis of Good Fortune

An Ancient Path Revealed I refer to my very worn copy of this book frequently! The author, William Douglas Horden, has been a trusted teacher and guide for me. William has a gift of using words to express the wordless. There are endless ways to “go within.” If you are wondering “what steps can I take to…

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Bladder meridian

Bladder Meridian

By massaging the Bladder meridian and many of the points along the back, pain can be prevented, good posture is reinforced, and an overall sense of energy and vitality is sensed throughout the body-mind.

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Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang of Self-awareness

Yin and Yang are two sides of the same coin Together, Yin and Yang create a “whole.” For example, a complete calendar “day” is actually 24 hours, which is made of daytime and nighttime. Our “day” would not be complete without the night, and vice versa. The combination of day and night creates one whole calendar…

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Bladder points to relieve back pain

4 Acupressure Points to Relieve Back Pain

Bladder points on the sacrum help relieve back pain. The Bladder meridian runs down both sides of the back. Because of its location, points on the Bladder meridian are always used to relieve back pain. Acupressure points on the sacrum are great for relieving back pain! I get great results using these four Bladder acupoints…

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mental focus

Mental focus, you can do it!

Mental focus happens! As a card carrying member of the busy mind club, I can say that mental focus is possible! There are many different theories and approaches that promise to improve mental focus. There are mental focus drugs, mental focus supplements, mental focus vitamins, and mental focus exercises! With so many choices, how do you find that one mental…

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Massage for sciatica

Sciatica is pain due to irritation and/or impingement of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve (shown in blue on the figure) passes through the buttocks and down the leg. The location of certain meridians in Chinese medicine follow the pathway of the sciatic nerve. Massage to these meridians and acupoints can help ease sciatic pain. Meridians are…

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acupoints SJ 14 and LI 15

Shoulder pain – acupressure points can help

Shoulder pain is a challenge! I never realized how much I relied on my shoulders until I experienced limiting shoulder pain. Every little action with my hands created pain in my shoulder. There are many causes of shoulder pain. Fortunately, there are many acupressure points for relieving shoulder pain. Let me introduce you to two acupoints…

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Recover from burnout

Self-cultivation is a cure for burnout Are you great at giving advice to others but not so great at putting this wisdom into action for yourself? You might find that over time, a lack of consistent self-care can lead to “professional burnout.” I have experienced this myself, and it’s not fun! Here is an excerpt from…

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