A Beautiful Nap

A Beautiful Nap

Sleep when you are tired, and eat when you are hungry. That’s great advice. It’s simple, but not so easy to practice. I have been pushing myself lately – watching myself work too much, but continuing to do it anyway. Finally, I took a little of my own advice, and went for a walk in the woods.…

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candles sharing light

What if I were a candle?

What light would I share? If the content of my Mind and Heart was the content of a flame, and I share that flame with others; what am I sharing? What am I passing along? A glimpse into the content of my repetitive thoughts and reactions is sometimes shocking. Other times, it’s an inspiring place…

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acupressure points for digestion

3 Acupressure Points for Digestion

Meridian Massage and Digestion Meridian Massage utilizes both acupressure points and massage to balance the flow of energy. Working with just three acupressure points can improve digestion. When the energy (called Qi – pronounced “chee”) is balanced and flowing, we experience health and vitality. The Meridian Massage approach integrates abdominal massage and acupressure points to support…

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A few asanas (postures) of Yoga

Yin, Yang, and Yoga

Use Yoga to balance Yin and Yang. Yin is inward, slow, low, and gentle. Yang is upward, quick, high, and active. There are many ways to practice the asanas (postures) of Yoga. Hot Yoga is vigorous and active – it is more “Yang-like” in contrast to the slower pace of restorative Yoga. You can assess any…

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beautiful flowers

Colors and Organ Systems of Chinese Medicine

Every Organ is associated with a color The connection of body-mind-emotions-spirit is woven into all aspects of Classical Chinese medicine. As humans, we are understood to be fully in a relationship with Nature. Nature is full of colors; as reflections of Nature, we have colors also. Organ Systems are webs of relationships within the human…

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San Jiao points around the ear for stuffy ears

Relieve Stuffy Ears With Acupressure Points

San Jiao acupoints for stuffy ears The San Jiao meridian begins on the fourth finger, travels up the arm and neck, then wraps closely around the ear before ending next to the eyebrow.  (See image below). 6 Acupressure points to relieve stuffy ears: San Jiao 3 San Jiao 17 San Jiao 18 San Jiao 19…

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San Jiao acupressure points

Trigeminal Neuralgia, the Meridian Massage Approach

Trigeminal Neuralgia is painful! “Neuralgia” means pain along a nerve. Nerve pain is particularly challenging because of its intensity. The trigeminal nerve is a three branched (“tri”) nerve that covers a large area on the side of the face (see image). Trigeminal Neuralgia is a very painful condition usually affecting one side of the face. Something…

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Meridian Massage Approach: Hands-on Level 1

Meridian Massage Approach: Hands-on classes

Meridian Massage Classes! Hands-on Meridian Massage classes are the perfect way to immerse yourself in the wonders of Qi. My in-person classes take what you have been studying online even further and deeper. Meridian Massage Workshop Immersion – Meridian Massage Approach: Hands-on Level 1 Once you have completed the 2 online course prerequisites, you are ready…

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Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Natural plantar fasciitis relief Circulation is the key to healing anything in the body. Every cell needs a constant stream of blood flow in order to receive nutrients and remove waste. With proper circulation, the cells keep our tissues happy and healthy. Natural healing is based on the idea that if cells can get what they…

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Acupressure for low back pain

Acupressure for Low Back Pain: One Key Acupoint

Bladder 40 is used to relieve low back pain Bladder 40 is the Command Point of the back. Command Points are one of many categories of acupoints used in Chinese medicine. As the Command of the Back, Bladder 40 is an essential point to add into your sessions aimed at relieving low back pain. Regardless…

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