Massage for sciatica

Sciatica is pain due to irritation and/or impingement of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve (shown in blue in the figure) passes through the buttocks and down the leg. The location of certain meridians from Chinese medicine follow the pathway of the sciatic nerve.  Massage to the meridians and acupoints from Chinese can help ease sciatica pain.…

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Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain – acupressure points can help

Shoulder pain is a challenge! I never realized how much I relied on my shoulders until I experienced limiting shoulder pain. Every little action with my hands created pain in my shoulder. There are many causes of shoulder pain. Fortunately, there are many acupressure points for relieving shoulder pain. Let me introduce you to two acupoints…

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Recover from burnout

Self-cultivation is a cure for burnout Are you great at giving advice to others but not so great at putting this wisdom into action for yourself? You might find that over time, a lack of consistent self-care can lead to “professional burnout.” I have experienced this myself, and it’s not fun! Here is an excerpt from…

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Massage is medicine

Massage Therapists offer healing everyday. As Massage Therapists, we have to be thoughtful when we say what we actually do. We are not supposed to say that we diagnose or treat any conditions. The current medical system states that massage therapy barely does anything at all, except maybe help a person relax a little. Medicine, as…

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Earth Element – giving and receiving

The Earth Element of Chinese Medicine One big resource of the Earth Element is our ability to give and receive. I have noticed that health care practitioners in general, tend to “over-give” and “under- receive.” The Earth is literally our planet and our biological mother. To survive as infants, we rely on our ability to receive…

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San Jiao 5

Clear Heat with San Jiao 5

 San Jiao 5 is famous for clearing heat San Jiao 5 (SJ 5) is almost always included in sessions aimed at clearing heat. Let’s locate San Jiao 5: SJ 5 is on the back-side (posterior surface) of the forearm.  The San Jiao meridian runs down the center of the back of the forearm and ends on…

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Yin Tang

Relieve anxiety with Yin Tang

Yin Tang is used to relieve anxiety Yin Tang is an “extra point.” Extra points are a group of acupoints that are not located on meridians, so they are called “extra.” Yin Tang is located between the eyebrows. This point is often referred to as the “third eye” in other healing traditions. Gentle massage to Yin Tang…

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Acupuncture for stroke recovery

Acupuncture for Stroke Recovery

A stroke survivors experience with acupuncture  Recently, someone wrote in to Big Tree to share her story about using acupuncture to recover from two strokes. She stated that she had both strokes within a couple of days. After the second stroke, she lost her ability to speak clearly, read, write, and had right sided hemiparesis…

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Meridian Massage Book

Meridian Massage, Opening Pathways to Vitality

Meridian Massage – the book is here! Please welcome Meridian Massage: Opening Pathways to Vitality to the world! It is fully illustrated, beautifully designed, and weighs in at two pounds with 290 pages. After five years of writing and perfecting this book, I offer you a practical and accessible introduction to the 12 meridians of Chinese medicine, 108…

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Nourish your Spleen – eat soup!

Long cooked soup benefits the Spleen Classical Chinese medicine (CCM) classifies the Spleen as an organ of digestion. There is a huge difference in perspective between Classical Chinese medicine and modern medicine. Because of this difference, we capitalize the organ when referring to it from the CCM perspective, and use lower case when referring to any organ from the…

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