Sleeping person in a cozy bed

The Yin and Yang of sleep

Awake and asleep are a Yang & Yin pair. Just like night and day, up and down, still and moving, wakefulness and sleeping are relative to one another, dependent on one another, and tied to each other.  The duality of night and day reflects the duality of Yin and and Yang. Yin and Yang are…

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image of a right knee

Two points to relieve knee pain

  “Eyes of the Knee” are two local points used to reduce knee pain. These points are located just below the patella (knee cap) on either side of the big patellar tendon. ST 35 is on the lateral (outside) edge, and the extra point “Xi Yan”) is on the medial (inside) edge. These points together are…

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Internal balances external. This simple premise offers a potential method of soothing an over occupied mind. Making time for yourself and getting the hang of bringing the attention inward is a simple balancing action that can bring calm and ease to your system.  Leave the external as it is and come inside. As challenging as…

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In person classes from Cindy Black

Body & Breath, Connecting to Your Inner Landscape May 22, 23, 24 Join Cindy Black in beautiful upstate New York for three days of gentle movement, self-care massage, and opening the breath. Open to anyone interested in learning how to bring the resources of meridians and  points from Chinese medicine into their everyday life. Leave…

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What is there to gain from pain? Part 2

“This pain is a gateway”. I wrote that in October 2013. At the time I was suffering from severe shoulder and neck pain that restricted my ability to use my right arm. The pain kept me up at night as I struggled to find a comfortable position to sleep. Fear and anxiety crept up on…

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Messy closet

Making space

I was thinking about cleaning my closet this morning. The same closet I’ve been thinking about cleaning out for months now. My mind wandered to all of the other places I should be clearing out. I watched my mind explode with all of the other things I should be doing today.  I felt my throat…

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green smoothie

March mania cleansing time!

We are on the brink of spring in the northern hemisphere. Just like the return of the robins, we have the return of the call to cleanse blasting us from every direction. Spring is a traditional cleansing time for many cultures, timed with the melting snow, the rushing rivers, the movement of sap in the…

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San Jiao 21

San Jiao Meridian

The San Jiao meridian is also known as the Triple Heater or Triple Warmer meridian. The San Jiao meridian is one of the three Yang meridians located on the arm. “The San Jiao, or three visceral cavities, promotes the transformation and transportation of water and fluids throughout the body.” – Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine…

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Nourishing the Kidneys

Winter is the season of the Kidneys. The Kidneys are the Yin Organ of the Water Element. Every Element is associated with a season, winter is the season of the Water Element.  Because of these associations we know that winter is a great time to accentuate the Kidney Organ System. Three ways to nourish the…

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Kidney Meridian

In Chinese Medicine, the Kidneys are of utmost importance as they store our Life Essence. Without Life Essence, there is no life, hence the importance of the Kidneys. The Kidney meridian and points along it are used to nourish and protect our Life Essence.

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