Lotus candle

Yang emerging

It’s almost the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere. Winter Solstice marks many things.  One is that this will be the shortest day and longest night of our year. We are coming to a tipping point, where out of the watery dark depths of Yin, Yang begins to emerge.   At the extreme, Yin becomes…

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Points for pneumonia

Question: My friend was in a severe car accident and was put into an induced coma. Slowly being weaned off of sedation and showing good signs of recovery except recently has pneumonia? Any points you can suggest to help my friend? My response: I would consider two things: They need general support of their Life…

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Soothing grief with meridian massage

Finding peace in the midst of grief is challenging. A challenge of being with a person in grief is to allow them their experience rather than nudging them toward “moving on,””letting go,” or “looking on the bright side”. By enlisting the wisdom of Qi (energy) we can soothe the process yet not direct or interrupt…

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Fall leaves

Moving at the speed of breath

Lately I’m lost in fast moving thoughts, agitated by endless “to do lists”, rushing through traffic to get to a yoga class.  Catching up with myself this morning, bringing my attention to my breath, a familiar  sense of settling slowly seeps into my cells. From stillness I begin familiar movements. But now I am present…

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Thoughts on dose

How much is too much, not enough, just right? Dose applies to hands-on healing as much as it applies to pharmaceutical drugs and herbal formulas. When working with meridians and points, you are working directly with Qi (“chee”). Although difficult to comprehend, Qi (energy) is very real. If your client feels exhausted or extremely hyper…

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Easing the heart

Ren 17 (Conception Vessel 17) is a great point for relieving emotional stress weighing on the heart. Named Shan Zhong, “Chest Center”, I add this point into my sessions for people who are in the midst of crisis, loss, and/or stressful times. The point is located in the center of chest, on the sternum (breast…

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More learning from weeds

A few trees have planted themselves in my garden. It’s been months of me wondering what to do about them. Do I pull them out while they are small? Do I wait and see what they are? Am I being too controlling about this little area of earth called “my garden”? Who am I to…

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slow down, relax, take it easy, keep calm and other motivational

Breathing into the Metal Element

Welcome to the Metal Element. It’s Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Each of the 5 Elements of Chinese medicine is associated with a different season. Metal is the Element associated with Autumn. This is the time of the year that the trees are letting go of their leaves, and plants are condensing their energy into…

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Inward Journey: An Adventure Worth Taking!

How do we actually change? I’ve been wondering about this question my whole life. I can’t say I have a definitive answer, but I do have some clues! Clue #1 – Changing my external circumstances doesn’t necessarily make me happier. I have changed jobs, relationships, location, cars, computers, phones, lawn mowers, garden tools, friends (and…

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Becoming a better friend to yourself

I had an experience recently of being in an ornery mood, so I went outside to “get away from it”. As I was settling into the fresh air, away from my bad mood, I realized of course that the mood “followed me”.  I just had to laugh at my effort to “get away from myself”.…

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