kidney Yang

The wonders of Kidney Yang

Kidney Yang is like the Winter Sun The Kidneys are associated with the Water Element. Winter is the season of the Water Element. Yang refers to light, the Sun, heat, and fire. So, “Kidney Yang” may seem like a paradox at first glance. Every Organ has both a Yin and Yang aspect. To understand Kidney Yang, observe the…

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Ren, Conception Vessel

Ren, Conception Vessel

The Ren – Conception Vessel is one of eight Extraordinary Vessels These Vessels are pathways for Qi, similar to the twelve meridians. The eight Extraordinary Vessels are different than the twelve meridians in that they “run deeper,” acting as reservoirs of Qi. Only two of the eight Extraordinary Vessels have acupoints. The Ren (Conception Vessel) is located…

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Stomach 5 and Stomach 6

Stomach 5 and Stomach 6 Acupressure Points on the Jaw

Stomach 5 and Stomach 6 are used to relieve jaw tension. These two acupressure points are very close together. Differentiating Stomach 5 from Stomach 6 is simple once you understand a few details. Stomach 6 (ST 6) is located in the muscle belly of the masseter muscle (this is one of the powerful muscles used…

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TMJ relief

TMJ relief using acupoints

TMJ  Basics Clenching the teeth, a tight jaw, ear aches and headaches can all be attributed to TMJ Syndrome. Let’s have a closer look at TMJ before diving into the acupoints that are indicated for relief. TMJ stands for Temporal Mandibular Joint. This is the scientific name for “jaw joint.” The movable part of your jaw is the…

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healing potential of acupoints

Unlock the Healing Potential of Acupoints

Free Webinar! I hope you can join me for Unlock the Healing Potential of Acupoints. This is a free webinar-class all about acupoints. The Nature of Acupoints Acupoints (also known as acupressure points or “points”) can be used by anyone to relieve common ailments such as headaches, tension, and even anxiety. By understanding the “nature” of…

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searching for gold

Searching for Gold, Part 2

Searching for Gold A few years ago I wrote about going inward, to search for my” inner gold” (see, Digging for Gold). I went full fledged into this search for something “golden,” “good,” “divine,” “eternal.” I was seeking, striving, studying, reading, taking classes, doing exercises, finding methodologies, and having long talks with wise people. Below are…

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liver qi stagnation

Liver Qi Stagnation – What Is It?

Liver Qi Stagnation is the cause of many ailments. Tight muscles, headaches, jaw tension, and sciatica often have the same root cause: Liver Qi Stagnation. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, manifested ailments arise from energetic imbalances. This energy is called Qi (“chee”) in Chinese medicine. You may also see Qi spelled as Chi. Qi…

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water meridian

Water Element in Chinese Medicine

Water is one of the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine The Water Element is associated with Winter. Each of the Five Elements is associated with a season: Water Element- Winter Wood Element – Spring Fire Element- Summer Earth Element – Late Summer Metal Element – Fall When first learning about the elements of Chinese medicine, I found it was…

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Learn meridians while watching football

Meridians are on everyone (Even football players) Learning the location of the twelve meridians takes dedication! The more you observe and practice, the quicker you will learn. There are six meridians on the arms. Each meridian found on the arm either begins or ends on the fingers. Watching a football game? You can review which…

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Turning information into knowing

Information is not knowing. I have been learning all my life. I love to learn about health, and different approaches to healing. This love of learning has motivated me to learn a great deal of information from various healing traditions. Information is just a bunch of data rolling around in my conscious mind. Much of what…

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