What's the Point of Yin & Yang?

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You will learn:
  • Fundamental concepts of Yin and Yang, so that you can gain access to the healing potential of ancient Chinese medicine theory.
  • How Yin and Yang manifest in your everyday life, so that you can consciously move toward balance.
  • How to observe the balance of Yin and Yang in others, so that you can practically apply this theory to health and healing.

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Who is Big Tree School of Natural Healing?

We offer an integrated approach to well being including modalities of Massage Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong, Self-development, and more!

Working in harmony with
the orderly mystery of
Nature to balance body,
mind, and spirit.

Rooted in Chinese
Medicine, Big Tree School
of Natural Healing brings
ancient healing approaches
to the present moment.
We specialize in meridian
massage, and self-care practices
for body, mind, and spirit.

Meridian massage is a
hands-on healing approach
utilizing the theory, and
energetic meridian system
of Chinese Medicine.

Cindy Black, L.Ac., LMT

Cindy Black, L.Ac., LMT

Look What Our Students Have to Say...

Don't take our word for it...see what our students are saying about
Big Tree School of Natural Healing.

"I started my journey as a licensed massage therapist in 1996. I had been a physical therapist assistant for four years prior to my entering massage school. As a PTA I was required to do all the "hands on" work to help the PT's.I found that people had better results when massage was added. After 22 years of bodywork and repetitive strain injuries on my own body Cindy was offering something different. Meridian Massage was the best thing I could have down for my practice in years. Cindy's class was fun, innovative and personal. I rediscovered my own intuition as well as learning how profound the work is to myself and clients. Cindy has a special gift for sharing and teaching. Since adding in meridians with the intention on meridians , my body is less sore and my clients are having amazing results with extra "bonus" of themselves going deeper within as well. Adding abdominal meridian massage has again improved my work to a whole other level. Many thanks and gratitude to Cindy and this life and career changing addition to my practice."

Paula Begel, NYSLMT/NCBTMB, Long Life Massage Therapy, PLLC

"Cindy is such a force that I find it difficult to differentiate her from the WuQi enough to find the words that are required to convey my thoughts and feelings about studying with and knowing her to you.  A Vulcan mind-meld would be much more appropriate because words really do not suffice to describe how dedicated, caring, educated, intelligent, personable, inspired, spiritual - indescribably awesome - she and her teachings are.  She has this amazing, patient way of allowing her students to find their own learning.  It's not that she isn't teaching, she most certainly is - way more than you even realize - sometimes long after the fact.  It's just that her way is so gentle (and often quite funny - hilariously healing at times), that you never feel taught, but rather guided to come to your own conclusions and accepted wholly, both for your conclusions themselves as well as how you arrived there.  This is not to say that she won't sometimes encourage you to mold them some more, or at least think about it, but she will do so ever-so-respectfully.  Over the ten years that I have known Cindy, though much more closely in the last few, I have felt incredibly honored and blessed to have had our paths cross and our journeys coincide.  She is one of the most wise women I have ever met, and studying with her is nothing short of the highest honor.  Take the opportunity!"

Kari Hoyt, LMT/NCTMB, Bodease

"In my career I have met a few teachers who have wound up propelling me into a new level of effectiveness or a new pathway.  Prenatal Massage was my first divergence from "normal massage" techniques back when no one did it.  Then aromatherapy came into my life when the economy was so harsh that 48 places in our county folded.  Thank God for the inspiration aromatherapy gave me... I wound up working seven days a week (2 and a half days outside of our spa just to make ends meet). Life is starting to get easier now. Then you came along.  I am so thankful; when the student is ready the teacher will appear.  ShaZam...here you are!!!! I am old so having some difficulty remembering all the names of the points, but my hands go to them during the sessions and my clients are getting almost immediate shifts; it's so awesome... Thank you for being who you are.  I value your guidance at this point in my career..."

Mikki Anderson, LMT

Big Tree Healing -- A Variety of Offerings

Each course offers you both a combination of a solid academic foundation on the subject, as well as a practical, hands-on learning aspect. The online classroom is easy to follow, and is always available, so you can access the material whenever it is most convenient for you. All courses are self-paced, and have lifetime access.

Plus, support is just a click away!

Inward Journey

28 days of guided emails, and private access to our student forum, this course gives you a chance to go inside, and tap into your innate wisdom. Four simple self-awareness practices are shared that you can do everyday to reduce stress, and increase inner peace. Your Inward Journey adventures await!


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Guidebook to the 5 Elements

The perfect foundational course allowing an opportunity to look deeper into Chinese Medicine; an ancient, multi-layered healing modality. At the end of this course, you will have a understanding of the 5 elements (essential building blocks of all creation) and how they relate to you-body, mind and spirit.

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Guidebook to 12 Meridians

There are 12 primary meridians in the body. In this detailed course, we will go in depth, covering all 12 meridians and their relationship to the elements and seasons, as well as review specific acupoints to relieve common ailments. Enhance your bodywork offerings in no time flat!

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Sensing Qi

So you have your bodywork foundation in place, now you are ready to develop your sensibility skills, and deepen your awareness. Often times the most profound work arises out of gentle subtleties. In this in-depth course, you will learn techniques on how to become more self-aware, and in tune with your client. Proper stances, breath work, and how to utilize energetic dynamics will be covered.

Discover the nuances of working with energy. Instructional videos, as well as guided emails will support you along the way. Beyond ‘best practice principals’,  this course will not only improve the quality of your hands-on work, it will support you to unfold, and blossom in ways that will astound you!

This class is now in session. To be informed on when enrollment is open again, please click 'Learn More'.
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All content is original; developed by Cindy Black, L.Ac., LMT. Experience her unique gift of making the complex understandable, in ways that truly enhance your life both personally, and professionally.

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